They Put A Camera Inside This School Cafeteria In JAPAN. What It Captured? My Jaw Dropped! (VIDEO)




In this video, you can see how these children are taught to operate their own lunch period. In some countries in the world, the parents are mainly focused on the quality of the foods and drinks that their kids eat at home, but they don’t pay too much attention on what they eat in school.

In the elementary school located in Saitima, Japan, these Japanese students are learning about taking care of themselves and their classmates from the beginning of their educational process.

They believe that kids should learn about proper hygiene, about good manners and the importance of work in their early ages. The best part of this educational process is that each step in the learning process is planned, but very friendly and fun.

In this video, the Japanese students are cooking fish with pear sauce, mashed potatoes and five-vegetable soup. And the best thing about these ingredients is that they are wholesome and home-cooked.


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