These 4 Herbs Can Protect Your Brain From Alzheimer’s, Depression, Anxiety And Much More










Nowadays, our sped-up digital surroundings and hectic lifestyles, our brain circuits are overloaded. Modern technology may be partial to blame as we’re unable to be attentive long enough to process and store incoming information into long-term memory.

A lot of people struggle with different diseases because they are intensed, stressed, have a lot of obligations and etc. This is giving them the reasons for nervous, so they are. Furthermore, a lot of people are struggling with Alzheimer’s diseases and differen mental issues. A lot of patients need to take medical help.

The alternative medicine can eliminate these diseases. One solution is to begin boosting brain function by introducing the use of natural herbs, a few of which can even be grown at home.

We are going to present you 4 plants which will eliminate stress, anxiety and Alzheimer’s disease.

1. Gingko Biloba

This is a tree which has a lot of interesting fan shaped leaves and also has round yellowish fruits. Extracts of this ancient herb—which is known to have existed 270 million years ago—have been used for treating memory loss, mental confusion, depression, anxiety, concentration issues, and headache. It is thought to boost neurotransmitters by increasing blood supply.

A lot of studies confirmed that it can cure you from dementia. It is also called ‘the brain herb.

2. Rosemary-‘Dew of the Sea’

This is the plant used in the past for cure to a lot of diseases. Now it is proved that it was used for improving the memory, which is great for the ones with Alzheimer’s disease.

Now, a study was made in which were included 60 people of older ages. The memory was checked from time in time.

The one who consumed rosemary were the one with the best results. You need to consume rosemary and never leave it from your meals.

3. Ginseng

This plant has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties, mood enchanting properties, and also will boost your brain. Shown to improve cognitive function and improve mood, this herb has been used as a substitute for pharmaceutical medications that treat ADHD and ADD (especially when taken in conjunction with Gingko Biloba). It also reduces inflammation.

Studies have shown increased mental performance in Alzheimer’s patients who used the herb daily for a minimum of 12 weeks. The Asian or Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng) contain the most beneficial compounds. Panax Ginseng is usually taken in doses of 200 to 400mg daily for general ‘preventative’ medicine.

4. Peppermint

This is the plant used for refreshing breath, will eliminate the stomach problems and will help you to improve your overall health.

In case you inhaling mint tea your brain will be boosted so the brain functions will be improved. You will be able to give reasonable judgments, memorize things and etc.

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