400 lb Girl Lost Half Her Weight In One Year, But Her Final Transformation Will Shock You!











A young woman at 20 years old, Kaitlyn Smith weighed 414 lbs, leaving her morbidly obese and understandably depressed. Kaitlyn seen the worst of social stigma – bullied in high school, pointed and laughed on the street.

Kaitlyn she knew that any physical change would mean completely altering her life and realized lasting change would only come through hard work, sweat, tears and determination.

The biggest obstacle Kaitlyn dealt with was her own self-criticism. But i had to realize I was worth more, and push past those negative thoughts. Kaitlyn started her incredible transformation with the help of a weight loss coach and a rigorous six-day exercise routine.

15 Months later, she was able to look in the mirror and be proud what she’d accomplished… but Kaitlyn wasn’t finished yet.

Losing 208lbs left me with lots of excess skin which leads to many complications such as infection, tearing, joint pain and mental distress.” So she needed to get a cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer heard about her tremendous weight loss efforts, he offered to do it for free! After three procedures to remove the excess skin, Kaitlyn looks (and feels) like a completely different person.

Now I feel like I’m actually living again and enjoying every day I’m blessed with. I’m always trying new things and not taking life for granted. I am no longer a bitter, envious, depressed teenager. I am a happy, smiley, outgoing girl who loves her self and life.”

Check out her amazing journey on Kaitlyn Smith in the video below!

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