BREAKING: Scientists FINALLY Made Sea Water Drinkable, Producing 6.3 Million Liters A Day!












Scientists in a corner of India have devised a way to make potable water, they can get 6.3 million liter of it every day from sea water.

Moreover, they also developed specific filtration methods that actually ensure groundwater containing arsenic and uranium are safe to drink.

At Tamil Nadu’s Kalpakkam the pilot plant was built by scientists of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. They use waste steam from a nuclear reactor to purify the seawater. The capacity of this invention is 6.3 million liters every day.

At this point, the fresh water is being used at the Kudankulam nuclear reactor. Still, according to the reporter who tasted the purified water, it has the same taste as fresh water, not saline at all.

Nuclear scientists have also made several household water purifiers that are being marketed all over drought-hit Marathwada. Some these use thin membranes and special filters.

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