How to Find Out Within Seconds Whether the Eggs are Fresh Buying Hundreds

Shopping in supermarkets is a necessity. Are the foods that are on the shelves still fresh?

Here are easy home test that can determine whether the eggs are fresh. You will need a deep glass bowl of water and a few seconds of time.

First, put the water in a deep glass bowl or pour a glass. Insert the egg gently in the glass bowl and watch what will happen. If the egg is fresh, it will sink completely and will fall to the bottom. Slightly older egg will partly be on the bottom and the other raised to the surface, the eggs that float on the surface of the water are risky to use and it would be better not to use them.

Another way to check the freshness of the eggs is to take one in your hand and hold it next to your ear. Gently shake it and listen to the sound coming from inside of the eggs. If you do not hear any sounds the egg is fresh, and if the eggs clearly hear the churning, it is probably old and should not use it.

How it works you can see in the following video